Vietnam Map


Vietnam Map
Capital: Hanoi Mai Chau

Capital: Hanoi

Formerly Thang Long, the “City of the Rising Dragon,” Hanoi became Vietnam’s official capital city in 1954 with the signing of the Geneva agreement.

The city later suffered tremendously from the destruction caused by the American bombardments during the Vietnam War, and the end of the conflict marked a long period of withdrawal from the outside world.

Only From the 1990s and the commencement of the Doi Moi economic freedoms did Hanoi open up to the rest of the world once again. Today, Hanoi is a capital of irresistible charm, at the meeting point of traditions and legends, dotted with lakes, tree-lined avenues, and lush parks

Mai Chau

Mai Chau

Recharge yourself in the lush green environment of Mai Chau Valley and experience the locals’ daily life in this picturesque valley region.
Located at the heart of Thai territory, about 160km from Hanoi,  Mai Chau is at the meeting point of the Red River Delta and the northern mountains, thus enjoying a staggeringly beautiful landscape, through which several rivers run. Travelers will feel as if they are in a totally new country, as one journeys across landscapes of tiered rice fields to find accommodation with the locals. Indeed, the best way to spend a night in Mai Chau is to stay with the villagers in a traditional stilt house. It’s the ideal opportunity to share some moments with a White Thai family – the local ethnic minority – and better understand their way of life.



September to mid-December and February to mid-May


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White & black Thai, Hmong, Zao, Muong, Tay people.


Walking, Cycling, Trekking, Bird Watching.